• Leigh Estrella Howlett

A Tour of the Italian Food Scene

Fresh & Fantastic around every corner!

Two traveling fools (Culinary Instructors) taking on the streets of Italy...

My goal when I arrived in Italy was to eat my way through this wonderful country. Fresh produce, delicious cheeses, and cured meats were among the first treats we devoured. Entering Parma, we visited what appeared to be a local "truck stop" ... we soon found out that it was the local HOT SPOT! We scored a wonderful aged Parmesan cheese and buttery freshly sliced prosciutto.

Road trip to Florence... My favorite spot.

Food tours are an incredible way to experience the local food scene in Florence. We chose Florencetown Tours. Our first stop was Florence's central food market. The "Mercato Centrale" is the city's largest, most lively and colorful grocery market. We learned about Tuscan food heritage and and local specialties.

Our next adventure took us to what we were very excited about, our Tuscan cooking class.... Diadema Cooking School.

“Buon appetito”

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